Welcome to Tech Marks The Spot. My name is Harvey Suddarth. Originally from Indiana I moved to Washington state several years ago after meeting the person that would eventually become my wife. I love technology, geocaching, writing, movies, and trying new hardware and software. I am experienced with Windows and a few Linux distributions, though I would call myself a Windows user. You will notice that when is comes to operating systems that I write almost exclusively about Windows and Android. The reason why is because Windows and Android are what I am most experienced with.

About Tech Marks The Spot

At it’s core Tech Marks The Spot is a technology blog made up of tech tips, how-to’s, and reviews. The ultimate purpose is to make the tech that readers use in their daily lives easier. I believe that when a user approaches a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or software of any kind they just want it to work. Also, they want to know the easiest possible way to use it. To that end I will produce content to aid readers in working with the tech that they use every day.


As a disclaimer, I take no responsibility for what another party does with their device or downloads to it. All links posted on Tech Marks The Spot are clean and all instructions are tested and safe. Because I am not physically there to work on a user’s machine it is their responsibility to be cautious what they click on sites other than Tech Marks The Spot and what they do with their own devices.