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SwifDoo PDF Editor


Once upon a time, PDFs were easy to read but difficult to edit. Believe it or not that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A business, organization, or individual may not want the documents that they create to be easily changed by any user that has a whim to do so. The problem is that sometimes you do legitimately need to edit a PDF. Whether you are required to edit it for school, work, or whatever the reason might be, a quality easy to use PDF editing solution is what you need. SwifDoo PDF Editor claims that you can use it to read and edit PDFs as easily as you can documents in Microsoft Word.


Last year I wrote a review of SwifDoo PDF Editor. To put it simply, I really liked it a lot. I found it to be feature rich and very easy to use. I was impressed. Since then it has been updated and the folks at SwifDoo reached out to me to write another article. It has taken me longer to get to it than I intended but better late than never right?


In this article I am going to give a quick updated review of SwifDoo PDF Editor, give my recommendation on whether or not you should give it a try, and list the changes between the current version and the previous one. I’m not getting into how to use the software but I will point you to some places that will show you how to use it. Honestly, SwifDoo PDF Editor has always been so well laid out and user friendly that you will have no problem picking up on it.


What is SwifDoo PDF Editor?


At it’s core SwifDoo PDF Editor is a PDF reader and editor. The programmers at SwifDoo put it together in such a way as to make it easy for the user to work with. It is also packed with an impressive array of features.




  • Read PDFs
  • Edit PDFs
  • Create PDFs
  • Convert PDFs
  • Bulk Conversion
  • Split and merge PDFs
  • Compress PDFs
  • Add annotations to PDFs
  • Sign PDFs
  • Add watermarks to your PDF
  • Add security to PDFs
  • Crop PDFs
  • Add images and links to PDFs
  • Share PDFs
  • Handy tutorials
  • Very easy to use


System Requirements:


  • Windows XP or later
  • 1 GHz processor or better
  • At least 150 GB available storage
  • 1 GB RAM or more


Long story short, your computer should be able to run SwifDoo PDF Editor with no problem.


How to get SwifDoo PDF Editor:


Head to their website.


SwifDoo PDF Editor


Click the “Free Download” button.


SwifDoo PDF Editor


Open the file you just downloaded.


SwifDoo PDF Editor


Put a checkmark indicating that you have read their Service Agreement and then click the “Install Now” button.


SwifDoo PDF Editor


Click the “Start Now” button.


SwifDoo PDF Editor


You now have a 30 day free trial of SwifDoo PDF Editor. SwifDoo will now ask you to register an account with them. By registering with them you will gain access to all of SwifDoo PDF’s features, free updates, and free customer support. Keep in mind that after the 30 day trial has ended you will need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue having full access to the software.


The plans are as follows:


Monthly Subscription
$20 a month (as of this writing currently on sale for $8 a month)


You get:


  • Access to all features
  • 1 end device
  • Unlimited device switches
  • Free upgrade service and tech support


Annual Subscription
$69 per year (as of this writing currently on sale for $41.40 per year)


You get:


  • Access to all features
  • 2 end devices simultaneously
  • Unlimited device switches
  • Free upgrade service and tech support


Perpetual License
A one time payment of $159 (as of this writing currently on sale for $119)


You get:


  • Access to all features
  • 2 end devices simultaneously
  • Unlimited device switches
  • Free upgrade service and tech support


If you would like to learn more about how to use SwifDoo PDF Editor check out:



SwifDoo PDF Editor Verdict


In my first review of this software I couldn’t help but applaud the quality and ease of use that the people at SwifDoo built into it. Where does all of that stand now? First let’s look at what has changed in the new version, then I’ll give you my thoughts.


Changes in the new version:


  • Added the feature of Quick Translation and it is possible to translate the selected text. SwifDoo PDF now supports translation among languages such as Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese
  • Fixed the bug in displaying account status
  • Stabilized the performance of the software


To put it plainly, all of this means that you can now work with more languages and have a more smooth and stable experience with the program. Long story short, they took an already quality piece of software and improved upon it.


I haven’t changed my thoughts about SwifDoo PDF Editor at all in the past year. The SwifDoo team has gone the extra mile in making it easy to use. It is full featured and plans are priced to be affordable. It offers a great user experience with all the features you need without being taxing on system resources. Go ahead and read the review that I wrote last year. Everything that I wrote then still holds true. I have no hesitation in recommending that you check it out.

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