How to Post to Instagram from Your PC

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At this point we all know what Instagram is. According to Oberlo, Instagram has more than a billion users worldwide. Odds are good that most of you have an Instagram account.


Have you ever had pictures on your PC that you wanted to post to Instagram but had to transfer them to your phone first? What about those images that you would like to edit in a photo editor before posting? The good news is that you can post to Instagram from your PC.


Why You May Want to Post to Instagram from Your PC


Before going any further let’s get an obvious question out of the way. Why would you want to post to Instagram from your PC? Most people have a cell phone, and I would say that it’s a safe bet if someone has an Instagram account they probably have an Android or an iPhone. What is the point of knowing how to post to Instagram from anything other than your smartphone?


  • You want to edit photos on your desktop or laptop computer before posting them.
  • You don’t have access to your cell phone or it isn’t working properly.
  • You have a preference to use a desktop or laptop computer over a smartphone when possible.
  • The photos that you want to post are on your desktop or laptop computer so you would like to just upload them from there.


If any of the above apply to you then continue reading. Posting to Instagram from your PC is easy so just follow along. First, we are going to go over what you need to do it and then I’ll show you step by step how.


What You Need to Post to Instagram from Your PC


I have great news. You only need two things to be able to do it.


  • An Instagram account
  • A web browser (for example: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari).


That’s it. You can set up an Instagram account by heading to the app store and installing Instagram on your phone.


How to Post to Instagram from Your PC


If you are using Firefox you will need to install the User Agent Switcher extension. After installing just go to the Instagram website and log in. Then click on the User Agent Switcher icon in the upper right part of your Firefox window. Choose Android and reload the page. You should be good to go.


If you are using Chrome or Edge take the following steps.


  1. Go to the Instagram website on your PC and sign in.

    Sign in to Instagram.

  2. Right click on the page and click “Inspect”.

    Web browser inspect feature.

  3. Make sure the device button is active. If not, click it.

    Device button in browser inspect.

  4. Reload the page.

    Reload browser window.

  5. Close “Inspect”.

    Close Inspect in web browser.

You should now be able to post to Instagram on your PC. You will have to repeat these steps each time you come back to Instagram to post from PC. If you don’t see the “+” button at first, reload the page till it appears. If that doesn’t work go back to the steps that you just followed and see if the device button is active.


Now you have more options than just posting from smartphone or tablet. I hope this will be of use to you. Have fun and post away.

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