How To Disable Those Annoying Facebook Voting Reminders


 I know many people that have been annoyed by the incessant reminders to vote every time they sign into Facebook. It seems to be yet one more thing added to the mountain of things weighing on all of us. I think people are getting tired. All we hear about is the pandemic, division, politics, protests, civil unrest, and economic problems. We are all facing new realities that no one asked for. The last thing anyone wants is to add is getting nagged whenever they log into Facebook into the mix.

The good news is that Facebook’s voting reminders can be turned off and I’m going to show you how to do that on both your PC and your smartphone/tablet. But first, let’s get a question that some of you might have out of the way. 

Why does Facebook keep nagging us about voting?

Let’s get the obvious question on many people’s minds out of the way. Why does Facebook keep nagging me about voting? Here is what Facebook has to say about it at the Facebook Help Center:

“Facebook sends these reminders to help people make their voice heard during an election. These reminders are sent to people who are old enough to vote, no matter who they support.”

 If you would like to read the rest of Facebook’s explanation you can find it here.

This year is considered by many to be an unprecedented and very critical election year. Two candidates that oppose each other on most of the important issues. A global pandemic that has killed over 226,000 Americans and over 1,140,000 people globally. A more divided public than we have seen in our lifetime. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or not aligned to either of the big two political parties there are huge issues that confront us, important decisions to be made about our future, and potentially dangerous consequences if we choose wrongly. It is important to let our voices be heard in all of these matters.

That said, no one enjoys being nagged. We know what we need to do. If you would like to stop Facebook from throwing voting reminders at you every time you log in then read on.

Disable Facebook Voting Reminders on Your Desktop or Laptop Computer

  1. Sign into your Facebook account. 

  2. In the Facebook main menu click “More”. 

  3. Click “Town Hall”. 

  4. Under “Voting Reminders”, turn reminders off using the dropdown menu. 

Disable Voting Reminders on Your Android Phone or Tablet

  1. Sign into your Facebook app. 

  2. Open the hamburger menu. 

  3. Tap “Town Hall”. 

  4. Tap “Settings”. 

  5. Under “Voting Reminders”, tap “Turn Off”. 

Now you should be reminder free and Facebook won’t nag you any longer about voting.
Tech on and have the best day.

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